About BabaBarock

From the Magic of Prague to the Bohemian Gothic… we share stories and legends of Prague ranging from the merely curious to the definitely dark.

About Baba Studio.

Baba Studio’s first ever tarot deck was The Tarot of Prague, which has since become established as a classic deck, full of the symbolism and myth that make readings multi-layered and resonant.

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot captivated the Gothic community and beyond with the quirky sensuousness of its dark imagery, and the theme has since been adapted into a range of BabaBarock delights, including bags, scarves, cushions and more often in silk, velvet and vintage fabrics with our own prints and embroidery – for a really Bohemian sumptuousness.

These decks show the most extraordinary and magical sides of the amazing city of Prague.

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