The Magic Bohemia Tours

Magic and Mythical Tours with BabaBarock

Update! Since Covid in 2020, we have suspended our tours. We don’t know if they will restart but sadly, it seems unlikely. We loved organising and leading these tours and would like to thank everyone who came with us to explore the magic of Prague and Bohemia.
As you may know, our guided tours of Prague and Ireland have attracted a real following – and of course we’ve loved being able to offer them. They aim to bring together like-minded people (ourselves included) from all over the world. Our focus is on showing them the places we find magical through our own perspective– and to make sure we have fun at the same time.

Our Prague tours are designed to focus on the incredible history of alchemy, prophecy and magic that infuses the Golden City – home of Baba Studio for 15 years and inspiration for The Tarot of Prague and The Bohemian Gothic Tarot decks.

Our tours of Ireland aim to give you an insight into the legends, mythology, fairy tales and folklore of this enchanting landscape where the studio has been based since 2016.

With an emphasis on the mythic and the esoteric, our group tours combine unique trips and events with great accommodation, delicious food, excellent company and lots of fun along with learning and new, magical experiences.

We’ve been getting quite a lot of enquiries about forthcoming tours and our original intention was to hold another tour of Prague in 2021 and maybe offer a tour in Ireland also. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has meant that these plans had to be postponed.

We look forward to being able to welcome people back to Prague and to Ireland but at the moment, we are unsure when that will be possible.

For now, we will continue to monitor the ongoing situation with Covid-19 closely and once we have established that it is completely safe to do so, we will announce tour dates and open bookings. We can’t wait!

Old Jewish Cemetery Tarot of Prague Magic Prague
Lennon Wall Tarot of Prague Magic Prague
Tarot of Prague Magic Prague
A magic ritual on the Charles Bridge during the Magic Bohemia Tour
Tarot of Prague Strength
Bohemian Gothic Tarot Magic Prague Bone Church