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People can see esoteric treasures plus meet like-minded people Prague, and much of Bohemia, is just filled with mystical and curious places. Finding them on your own and separating the fact from fiction can be a difficult task. There are a number of ghost tours but most just give a brief

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The singer known for her patriotism also dabbled in the occult and loved black People in the Czech Republic know Ema Destinnová from her somewhat idealized portrait on the Kč 2,000 banknote. Her career as an opera star and even as a patriot is oft discussed. Less remembered is her love

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A friendly green vodník used to be a regular in pubs near Kampa Island There is a particular type of Bohemian supernatural being called a vodník, or water sprite. They are related to elves, fairies, leprechauns and similar beings with roots deep back into local folklore and pre-history. In many Slavic nations

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A building near Old Town Square shows a hint of the alchemy that is woven in Prague’s past

In alchemy, everything has its counterpart, its mirror image. The science that would later develop into chemistry saw the world as a set of perfect pairs, not unrelated to the yin and yang concept of Daoist philosophy. The black sun also turns up in many cultures, with slightly different meanings.