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People can see esoteric treasures plus meet like-minded people Prague, and much of Bohemia, is just filled with mystical and curious places. Finding them on your own and separating the fact from fiction can be a difficult task. There are a number of ghost tours but most just give a brief

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A flaming miser and a top hat wearing beggar wander Prague at night Old Town is quite crowded at night with a variety of headless ghosts, flaming ghosts, otherworldly animals and water sprites, if all the legends are taken at face value. Prague even has its share of skeletons who refuse to

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Petting the bronze dog on Charles Bridge is a more recent tradition than many people think.

Practically every tourist who crosses Charles Bridge in Prague touches one of three places on the base of the statue of St John Nepomuk, or a five-starred double cross a little further down embedded in the bridge’s stone railing.

Legend has it St John (Jan Nepomucký) was thrown off the bridge by King Wenceslas IV for refusing to divulge the secrets of the queen’s confession. The dispute may also have involved the church’s right to appoint bishops without state approval.

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There has always been a good deal of confusion about the legend. Two Bohemian clerics named Jan may have gotten their life stories hopelessly entangled. And the date of his death is either 1383 or 1393. The change in date would also change which queen was being protected. Queen Johanna of Bavaria was alive on the former date, and Queen Sofia of Bavaria on the latter.

A beautiful connection between Charles Bridge and the tomb of St. Wenceslas.

There was little difference between science and mysticism back in the time of Emperor Charles IV. This extended to architecture and urban planning as well, with building projects being started on fortuitous dates and sometimes being placed due to astrological alignments.

Charles IV was active in building up Prague, and two of his most lasting accomplishments are Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Charles Bridge was originally called the Stone Bridge.

When the Stone Bridge was built in 1357, its position was moved slightly from the 12th century Judith bridge, which had been badly damaged by a flood.

Royal astrologers were involved in building the new bridge, and according to a theory put forward in 2007 chose the time for laying the cornerstone:  9 July 1357 at 5:31 in the morning. This creates a numerical palindrome. 1357 9:7 531. all of the odd single-digit numbers lined up from lowest to highest to lowest. It is also the moment of a favorable position of Saturn in the sky.