• black dog

    Ghost dogs of Prague

  • Sedlec ossuary

    The creepy bone chapel of Kutná Hora

  • nine crosses

    The ghost bride at the Nine Crosses exit

  • Emauzy monastery

    The devil chef of Emauzy

  • Zlíchov Rock

    Horymír and his talking horse Šemík

  • Drahomira's column

    Drahomíra and the gateway to Hell

  • karlov

    Built with the Devil’s help, Part III: Karlov

  • Kinsky palace

    Built with the Devil’s help, Part II: Kinský Palace

  • Charles Bridge at dawn

    Built with the Devil’s help, Part I: Charles Bridge

  • Mrs Richard Brinsley Sheridan by Gainsborough

    Headless Laura and the Invisible Nun

  • New Town Hall

    A fateful tale of false measurements at New Town Hall

  • House of the Golden Well

    Rival ghosts haunt the House at the Golden Well

Magic Prague and Bohemia