• witch burning

    Witches’ Night is fun for the family

  • Bells at the Loreta

    Legends of the Loreta Carillon

  • Bambino di Praga

    The Infant of Prague is a Santeria icon

  • Magic Prague Tour shows a week of wonders

  • Ema Destinnová

    Ema Destinnová, a diva who embraced divination

  • Kabourek, the beer-loving water sprite of Prague

  • Award

    Bababarock / Baba Studio wins award in Ireland

  • The Devil’s Bible is an unending mystery

  • Turk's head by Václav Hollar

    The Tragedy of the Turk of Ungelt

  • Our Lady Before Tyn

    The Snow Witch of Týn

  • Sendivogius

    Sendivogius, the man who turned mercury into gold

  • seated nude 1915

    The starless winter night’s tale of Naked Cecilie

Magic Prague and Bohemia