• morana

    Morana, the Czech goddess of winter and death

  • A mermaid found love at a long-vanished Prague pond

  • wallenstein palace

    Ruprecht the headless trumpeter

  • olomouc

    A practical guide to Moravian vampires

  • Štvanice Island

    Native American and African ghosts haunt far from home

  • Waldštejnská hospoda

    The ghost of a gluttonous merchant haunts the Wallenstein Pub

  • Kozí Street

    Ghostly goats of the Golden City

  • German Evangelical Cemetery

    Prague’s cemetery row

  • Easter whips

    Whipping away infertility at Easter

  • Emauzy monastery

    Two ghosts of Emauzy

  • náměstí Republiky

    Ghost riders at náměstí Republiky

  • Pirate ship

    Red Goat, the pirate ghost of Prague

Magic Prague and Bohemia