• VJ Rott House

    Three cursed trios

  • Interior of St Anne's Church

    The Templar ghost who gave up due to disrespect

  • madame de thebes

    The fortuneteller of the Golden Lane

  • Devil's Column

    The Devil’s Column is due to a diabolical bet

  • ghost map

    Interactive map shows the ghosts of Prague

  • Iron Knight in Prague

    The legend of the Iron Knight

  • witches night

    Witches’ Night is fun for the family

  • Bells at the Loreta

    Legends of the Loreta Carillon

  • Bambino di Praga

    The Infant of Prague is a Santeria icon

  • Magic Prague Tour shows a week of wonders

  • Ema Destinnová

    Ema Destinnová, a diva who embraced divination

  • Kabourek, the beer-loving water sprite of Prague

Magic Prague and Bohemia