• Mrs Richard Brinsley Sheridan by Gainsborough

    Headless Laura and the Invisible Nun

  • New Town Hall

    A fateful tale of false measurements at New Town Hall

  • House of the Golden Well

    Rival ghosts haunt the House at the Golden Well

  • Street in Venice

    The Hooker and the Priest

  • Edward Kelley

    Edward Kelley’s Bohemian adventures

  • John Dee

    John Dee languishes in Bohemia

  • Princess Libuše in Prague

    Prague was founded by a pagan princess

  • Brno ossuary

    Brno’s bone-filled tunnels

  • VJ Rott House

    Three cursed trios

  • Interior of St Anne's Church

    The Templar ghost who gave up due to disrespect

  • madame de thebes

    The fortuneteller of the Golden Lane

  • Devil's Column

    The Devil’s Column is due to a diabolical bet

Magic Prague and Bohemia