• The tragedy of the House at Death

  • Strahov

    The headless horsemen of Nerudova Street

  • Houska Castle

    Houska Castle guards a pit to Hell

  • Vila Amerika

    The pierced heart at Vila Amerika

  • Karmelitská Street

    Two ghosts who nailed it

  • Wallenstein and Seni,

    The horoscopes of Albrecht von Wallenstein

  • Tarot of Prague

    Using The Tarot of Prague

  • Unicorn at Kasárna Karlín

    The wild unicorn of Prague

  • Crown of St Wenceslas

    Legends of the Bohemian Crown Jewels

  • House at the Stone Lamb

    Alchemy at the House at the Stone Lamb

  • Karlova Street

    The mad barber of Karlova Street

  • St Agnes Cloister

    The kind ghost nun at St Agnes Cloister

Magic Prague and Bohemia