• Skull by Van Gogh

    The restless skeletons of Old Town

  • Statue of Kepler and Brahe, Prague

    The death of Tycho Brahe, the astrologer to Rudolf II

  • Witch trial in Central Europe. Historical picture

    The ‘Witches’ Hammer’ trials in Moravia/Silesia

  • sewer in Stromovka in Prague

    The ghoul of Stromovka – a phantom of moonlit nights

  • Prague Olsanske Cemetery

    Prague’s pathetic lone vampire

  • relic-coffin1100

    The seven creepiest relics in Prague churches.

  • Card player

    The ghosts of Na Poříčí

  • Bohemian Gothic Tarot reading in Prague

    A Tarot Reading in Prague with the Bohemian Gothic Tarot. A Baba Studio video.

  • eye-of-god1100

    Secret Masonic symbols are hiding in plain sight

  • black-sun1100

    The Black Sun shines darkly in Prague

  • Dr Mesmer in Prague hypnotising a patient

    Prague will not be Mesmerized

  • charles-bridge-dog-1000

    The dog, the bridge and the legend

Magic Prague and Bohemia