• House at the Stone Lamb

    Alchemy at the House at the Stone Lamb

  • Karlova Street

    The mad barber of Karlova Street

  • St Agnes Cloister

    The kind ghost nun at St Agnes Cloister

  • House at the Green Frog

    The green frog who ate a tailor

  • Statue of Bruncvík

    Bruncvík and his magic sword

  • Jánský vršek,

    The headless skeletons of Jánský vršek

  • Platýz Palace

    The ghost of Platýz Palace

  • klementinum library

    The lost Jesuit treasures

  • painting at Kampa

    The miraculous painting by Charles Bridge

  • charles bridge tower

    Fortunes change on Charles Bridge

  • House at the Golden Bears

    The House at the Two Golden Bears joins Heaven and Earth

  • Lichtenstein Palace

    A peasant girl haunts Liechtenstein Palace

Magic Prague and Bohemia